Your Opinion Counts!

Cash in Lieu (CIL) refers to funds available to a community due to a residential development project. Crystal Beach Lakeview (CBL) is expecting an amount of just over $118,000 in CIL for the development at Leeming and Maki. The funds come from the developer and are held by the Councillor of the ward for use anywhere in the ward. Funds can be used for any park/parkland type-asset, though cannot be used for anything that can be removed or requires ongoing operating costs unless the relevant city department agrees to those costs.

Our Councillor, Mark Taylor, has committed the CIL to CBL. However, given that he is not standing for re-election, there is no assurance the funds will remain available to us after December 1 when a new Councillor takes office. So, the pressure is on!

A small group of residents and the CBLCA executive have generated a list of ideas we think could qualify for CIL support. We are seeking your input on this list of options. As part of our annual Neighbourhood Outreach Survey, we are asking you to rank these options and add comments. The CBLCA executive will receive your rankings and move with haste to make a recommendation to Mark on the community’s preferred choice(s).

Some of you will remember earlier attempts to determine how these funds can be used. Those attempts stalled, and so we are back at it again in a slightly changed community and with real urgency. Your input will be appreciated—the results will make a real difference in our community!

We have had a long, hot summer. I hope it has been relaxing and restful, and that fall begins well, especially for those returning to school. CBLCA too has a busy fall planned, and we’re excited about the plans described in this and upcoming newsletters.

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  1. where do I find a list of services (lawncutting, plumbing etc) offered by people who live here or our neighbouring communities

    1. Hi Larry – CBLCA does not maintain such a local business directory. If you know anyone who is interested in taking on that responsibility, please let us know! For now, the community Facebook group is what many people use (if they are unable to find something via Google or are looking for recommendations from neighbours). We wrote a little blurb a few months back explaining how it works, which you can check out here:

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