Wheel “Week” Challenge!

Physically-distanced community activity in the spirit of Wheel Day

The first weekend of June usually brings our community together for a community-wide garage sale and our annual Wheel Day festival. Obviously, it was not possible to organize a community event under the COVID-19 restrictions. Although we can’t come together in person as a community this year, we encourage you to take part in this week-long challenge to bike, skate, scoot, or wheel your way through the community!

Start at Corkstown Park and follow the routes provided to join your neighbours in a fun day of physical activity while physical distancing. How many kms will you cover? Fill out the online tracking sheet here and we will reveal the total next Sunday eve!

Share your pics on Facebook or Instagram (@crystalbeachlakeview) with #cblcawheelday.

Local cycling resources

We hear many stories of how Wheel Day has inspired neighbours of all ages to be excited about cycling, cycle more often, and learn the rules of the road and/or new cycling infrastructure in our city. CBLCA continues to support you to keep cycling safely and for others to start or get back to cycling. Here are some resources to help you start cycling or cycle safely in the spirit of Wheel Day:

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