Villa Lucia: 3430 Carling Avenue

The CBLCA’s TTIC has submitted two documents to the City, commenting on the proposal to build two six-storey buildings on the Villa Lucia lot at 3430 Carling Avenue. The first, sent January 30, shared our concerns with process, particularly that an application for site plan was made before the application for bylaw amendment was approved, two different application numbers are being used, and public consultation is lacking around the aggregate demands of the two applications. You can find the comments on process here.

The second document sent on February 13 shares our concerns about the project itself. The proponent is requesting not only height greater than all other buildings in this low-rise neighbourhood, but also:

  • the right-of-way
  • an exemption from meeting the 3 m setback requirement, despite the loss of the right-of-way
  • a floor space index of 2.04, still greater than the 2.0 requirement
  • a reduction in the minimum parking space requirement
  • a reduction in the minimum width of a landscaped buffer between the subject property and neighbouring residential properties.

We are also concerned that the City does not really seem to have a plan for this stretch of Carling Avenue and that the 3430 Carling project will not improve the situation. In the New Official Plan, schedule 13, Carling Avenue is designated a scenic route. The City has opportunities to do a better job of managing this beautiful location and creating a complete street in place of the current speedway. You can find the community’s comments here.

4 thoughts on “Villa Lucia: 3430 Carling Avenue”

  1. Are there links to the new plans and documents from the developer?

    And, is the City accepting comments on these documents from private citizens (and if so where do we send those comments) or only from the community association?

    Thanks for your work on this issue as it will have a huge impact on the community.

  2. Hello,
    “You can see the application and comment on it at The deadline for comments is February 13, 2023. Comments received after this date will be accepted and considered, however, may not be reflected in the staff report.”
    (From “New Proposal for 3430 Carling Avenue (Villa Lucia)”, CBLCA newsletter, January 30, 2023.)

  3. Thank you, TT, We appreciate hearing from you.

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