Update: Proposed development at 3368 Carling Ave

On January 16th, Cardel appeared before the City of Ottawa’s Committee of Adjustment, asking for 7 variances from the existing by-law for its building design. As previously noted, Cardel Homes has proposed a 3-storey condominium building comprising 15 units to be built at 3368 Carling Ave. at Bedale Drive. This process has been ongoing for approximately 2 years.

CBLCA had concerns about a number of aspects around this development, not the least of which was, in our opinion, the oversized nature of the proposed building for the available lot size. We felt that Cardel’s plan would have a number of negative impacts on the neighbourhood.

CBLCA engaged with the immediate neighbours surrounding the property. We provided information about the development and the process by which concerned community members could comment to the Committee of Adjustment.

We expressed our concerns at the meeting on January 16th, along with several community members. The Committee of Adjustment ruled against Cardel on all 7 of its variance requests (you can read the official decision here).

Cardel’s project is now on hold as the developer considers its next steps. Their options include restarting the application process with alterations to the design, or appealing the decision to the provincial Local Planning Appeal Tribunal. Pending actions by Cardel Homes, CBLCA will then review our options for any further actions.

This proposed development is but the first of a number of developments likely to proceed in our community, particularly along Carling Ave. Our association was concerned that success of the variances in the Cardel case could set a precedent for further development of a similar nature, which we feel would go against the character of our community. We will keep you informed as more details emerge on this and other projects.

A special note of thanks goes to Kevin Brewer, Peggy MacGillivray and Rick Nelson from CBLCA’s executive for their leadership regarding this issue.

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