Update on Light Rail Transit – Bayshore Station to Moodie Drive

CBLCA, through its Transportation, Transit and Infrastructure Committee, has been in ongoing communication with the LRT2 team. We are pleased to provide a detailed update of the latest information on the Confederation Line from Bayshore Station to Moodie Drive. This also includes information on the Light Maintenance and Storage Facility.

Bayshore Station to Holly Acres Road

There will be a full multi-use pathway from Holly Acres Road into Bayshore Station alongside the bus entry into the station. The LRT will travel from Bayshore Station on an overpass across Holly Acres Road. Construction has started on the footings for this overpass. You can review the current Bayshore Station design.  

Holly Acres Road construction

This construction will create a four-way intersection on Holly Acres Road with the existing Highway 416/417 offramp and new 417 eastbound onramp.

New eastbound Highway 417 onramp

  • Work begins in summer/fall 2021 with completion late fall 2022.
  • The current eastbound onramp from southbound Richmond Road closes when the new onramp opens.
  • Current plans are for transit use only of the onramp during AM peak hours. Further exclusive use of the onramp may also be required at other times to be determined.

Westbound Highway 417 onramp

  • Traffic northbound on Holly Acres Road will have a fully signalized turn across southbound traffic.
  • Should southbound right turns onto the onramp be permitted, the alignment of the road for right turns will be modified.

Cycling and pedestrian infrastructure 

  • New four-way intersection on Holly Acres Road with the existing Highway 416/417 offramp and new 417 eastbound onramp. All four legs of this intersection will have crossrides.
  • All four legs of the Corkstown Road/Moodie Drive intersection will have crossrides.
  • There will be a multi-use path (MUP) along the west side of Moodie Drive.
  • The MUP from DND HQ to Corkstown Road will be elevated above the floodplain (set to be completed in November 2020).
  • The MUP will be extended from Corkstown Road to the south of the highway overpass at the eastbound 417 offramp.
  • The City has committed to assess the feasibility of continuing this MUP to Robertson Road in Bells Corners. This is a direct result of the combined efforts of CBLCA, Bells Corners community associations, Bike Ottawa, and Councilor Kavanagh advocating for an extended MUP to Robertson Road.

Bus transitway roadbed to Moodie Station

The LRT will return to the surface grade of the existing bus rapid transitway (BRT) west of the new Holly Acres Road overpass. The tracks will be on a gravel-based surface, thus improving stormwater management.

Closer to Holly Acres Road, the roadbed of the existing BRT will be converted to a gravel access road.

Stormwater management of Stillwater Creek 

The Stillwater Creek Wetland Compensation Project on the northwest corner of Moodie Drive/Corkstown Road is currently underway with completion this fall 2020. This is a collaboration between the NCC and the City. 

CBLCA has concerns about the Stillwater Creek tributary east of the Moodie Station now having increased volume and velocity into the main Stillwater Creek since the bus transitway was constructed. This has resulted in increased erosion and tree loss downstream.

There is no plan for any remediation of this problem created by the BRT construction. This will remain an outstanding item to be worked on by CBLCA through our Councilor.

Moodie Station

We are still awaiting the final design for the station, that includes two-way traffic on Corkstown Road, and continue to have concerns about aspects of the earlier design. We have received information on some of the details. A new MUP from the station to Moodie Drive will have lighting installed that is less disruptive for wildlife with spillover and light pollution minimized.

Lighting and winter maintenance of the MUP from Corkstown to DND HQ is beyond the scope of the LRT project; however, this will be the subject of deliberations of a City working group to review requirements and coordinate responsibilities for winter maintenance.

Cut-through traffic on Corkstown Road eastbound

Numerous drivers use eastbound Corkstown Road east of Moodie as a cut through, particularly when there is traffic congestion on Moodie and 417. We are advised that this is beyond the scope of the LRT project. However, the LRT team have passed this concern on to City of Ottawa Traffic Safety Branch. CBLCA will keep this as an action item for follow up with the City and our Councilor.

Light Maintenance and Storage Facility (LMSF)

The LMSF will be built in two stages. Despite rumors to the contrary, it will remain as a “light” facility when fully completed. To learn more and to view the LMSF design, visit the City of Ottawa’s website.

CBLCA has been concerned with the size and nature of this industrial building within the Greenbelt and alongside a “gateway” route into the National Capital. We had requested the City consider a different aesthetic both at the station and the LMSF to reflect the natural location of these facilities. However, the NCC has approved the current designs. We have separately written to the NCC requesting a further review of these decisions in light of the special nature of the surrounding Greenbelt lands. Regrettably, we have not received a reply to our concerns. We will keep this as an outstanding action item for the association.

Moodie Drive overpass construction

The construction for the overpass across Highway 417 will be completed in two phases. We anticipate this could start as early as fall 2020. The road will be reduced to three lanes, with the direction of traffic in the middle lane reversed AM/PM. During construction, the contractor is required to provide safe pedestrian accommodation. On-road cycling will be maintained during construction, with dismount and walk required in the constricted zone.

Stay connected to LRT2 news: via the project website Ottawa.ca/Stage2 as well as via their e-newsletter.

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