Tree Canopy Regeneration

We are very fortunate to have such a mature tree population in our ‘hood. However, the canopy itself needs to be significantly improved if we are to make a difference in our local ecosystem and on climate change.

Regenerating the tree density and canopyprovide many benefits including improving air quality & soil resilience, reducing energy use (more shade = less air conditioning), and providing habitats for diverse wildlife – just to name a few.

Join us on June 12th to pick up your free tree from Ecology Ottawa. Register now to ensure you get a tree – these tend to go quickly!

The City of Ottawa also has a few tree programs that you are encouraged to check out.

And let’s not forget about our amazing hedge network that weaves its way throughout the CBL. Hedges also play an important role in wildlife habitats, corridors, air quality and more. Learn more about how to care for them to ensure they stay in optimal health for years to come.

And remember: Wherever you source your trees, stay safe and ensure you don’t impact any underground infrastructure by checking with Hydro Ottawa – Dial before you dig! Learn more here.

3 thoughts on “Tree Canopy Regeneration”

  1. Hello, when I clicked the Register now link, I did find any form to register. Could you help direct me to the right register form? Thanks.

    1. Sorry about that we thought there was a register / reserve a tree option. They should have plenty of trees, apparently on a first come first serve basis.

  2. UPDATE: No registration required! Just show up and get a tree (while supplies last!). FYI: this is open to all in Ottawa, not just our community.

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