Transportation, Transit and Infrastructure Committee Update

The April 16th community meeting with members of the Light Rail Transit Stage 2 team was a resounding success. As a community, we had ample opportunity to hear details from city staff, to ask questions and engage in dialogue, and to progress towards better results for the eventual construction of light rail transit Stage 2 (LRT2).

Over 600 community members participated, either in person at the Nepean Sailing Club, or online via CBLCA’s Facebook Live broadcast.

While many aspects of the Bayshore to Moodie Drive plan were discussed, the community clearly expressed strong objections to the planned closure of Corkstown Rd. eastbound from the station to the Abbott Labs entrance. Concerns were also raised about the absence of the National Capital Commission from the conversation.

In discussions following the meeting, the LRT2 team acknowledged the community’s perspective and undertook to work further towards possible changes in the plan. They also committed to additional meetings with our Committee to discuss this and other aspects of the Bayshore to Moodie plan, which we are in the process of coordinating.

Since the public meeting, we have done further work to advance the issue of protection of the wildlife corridor along Moodie Drive and Corkstown Road. Some of this effort is being done in collaboration with the Ottawa Carleton Wildlife Centre.

In sum, a lot of work remains to be done as the city moves forward with the construction LRT2. We, as a community, need to remain engaged in order to understand details of the plan and press for changes where we see problems. CBLCA will do our best to consult with you and keep you informed.

To that end, the city has informed us that they will be doing geotechnical borehole drilling on the Holly Acres Rd. underpass of 417. This will occur from May 3-28 and will require alternating lane closures on Holly Acres Rd. Most drilling will occur overnight so as to minimize traffic disruptions. Adjustments will also be made impacting pedestrians and cyclists. Residents immediately adjacent to the work site will be impacted with intermittent moderate noise levels.

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