Transportation Committee update

On June 14, CBLCA’s Transportation Committee held its third in a series of information sessions at Maki House as part of a larger community meeting about the environment around us.

The evening’s first presentation was given by Dr. Manisha Kulkarni from the University of Ottawa’s Department of Epidemiology. Dr. Kulkarni shared her recent research on the prevalence of ticks and Lyme disease in our region. Next, Eric Lalande of the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority addressed Stillwater Creek erosion concerns, which many fear are linked to Bus Rapid Transit construction. We also heard from Donna Dubreuil and Kate MacNeil from the Ottawa Carleton Wildlife Centre, who spoke about the wildlife corridor that runs through the greenbelt and along Stillwater Creek. Donna and Kate shared their insights on storm water management in the greenbelt and the need for remediation of wetland loss around the Moodie Drive corridor.

The meeting was well attended both in person and live via Facebook. For those interested, the recorded meeting can be viewed via the community Facebook page. The presentation slides can all be accessed via the Documents page in the About Us section of

CBLCA plans to support efforts toward wetland protection and remediation, as well as optimizing storm water management–both connected to and independent of–tranit construction projects. We are seeking to engage with the National Capital Commission on these efforts.

In other transportation news, there has been increasing concern about traffic on Carling Ave, including incidents of speeding and dangerous driving. Similar concerns have been expressed in the past, however, the frequency and severity of these incidents appears to be on the rise. The Transportation Committee has discussed this and are in touch with our City Councilor, Mark Taylor. He has agreed to a meeting and suggested bringing in city staff, as well as a representative from Ottawa Police Services, to discuss options to improve the situation. We hope to be able to report with an update later this summer.

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