Summer message from Monica

This is our last newsletter until September, and it is packed with appreciation for so much community activity over the past month and ideas for the summer and beyond.

First, to the thanks. Wheel Day was an amazing event under Krystal Taylor’s leadership and the assistance of over 30 community volunteers. This amazing generosity turned June 2nd into a wonderful day… in spite of a rainy morning. And speaking of generosity – we couldn’t have done this without the support of our many sponsors, and to them we say a huge thank you!

That’s not all, though. From June 2nd through June 15th, CBL was alive with activity as part of the ParticiPACTION challenge. Led by Dan Dubeau, Amanda Kirk-Brez and Krystal Taylor, and helped by many other volunteers, all kinds of outdoor activities took place for young and old alike. This included a basketball tournament at the Lakeview Park court, fixed up from its dilapidated state by Al Arsenault and some other volunteers. So special thanks to all who made activities possible and to those who participated. And extra special thanks to Peter and Grant Millar who planned, cooked and hosted an amazing barbecue for everyone who had volunteered.

Earlier in the spring Judy Leeson told us Friendship Club would be taking a break over the summer and that her volunteer leadership of 3 ½ years would come to an end, with a hope that someone else take the reins. We extend very special thanks to Judy for her terrific commitment and energy over the past 3 ½ years, and best wishes for her next endeavours. Stay tuned for an update on next steps in that important program, likely in September.           

Our Transportation, Transit, and Infrastructure Committee, led by Ian McConnachie, has been working actively on a number of files. The team has been busy conducting traffic surveys on Corkstown Rd, collecting data on ditch drainage issues in Lakeview, analyzing proposed road designs around the BRT/LRT station and continuing to engage with the City’s LRT2 team, working with stakeholders to improve cycling, MUP and bus routes in and around CBL, and working with our partners to protect the wildlife corridor in which our neighbourhood is nestled. A huge thanks to Ian for his commitment to building relations with stakeholders, attending multiple meetings and advancing many of the issues in the TTIC work plan!

Now to what lies ahead.  A large Canada Day street party is being organized by some generous and enthusiastic members of our community. Everyone is invited, no matter our age, our address or what we can contribute. Please come!

And it is time for an update on Cash in Lieu (CIL). About a year ago, CBLCA asked you for ways you’d like the community to spend some money that was committed to our community as result of the development beside Maki House. Called Cash in Lieu (CIL), it is the requirement that developers contribute to parks and recreation in the community where they build, and its allocation is at the discretion of the city councillor. Our current councillor, Theresa Kavanagh has been clear that the CIL will stay in this community.

You told us in a survey last summer, at our AGM and in numerous conversations, that you’d like some sports activities such as basketball or pickle ball, for people of all ages, including for school age and older kids as well as for seniors, and that you’d like us to make sure we keep our parks and recreational areas green and accessible to all.

With this in mind, we recently met with Councillor Kavanagh and city staff to see where the planning for CIL funds now sits. We explored some options that honour what we have heard from you, and hope by the end of the summer to have an update for you. As you can imagine, the wheels in developing partnerships, working with city, and making sure we consider what is in the best interests of our community turn slowly. Your patience is so appreciated.  

But it’s summer, so our minds turn to plans for relaxing and away from our usual routines. I hope your summer is filled with fun and pleasure, perhaps in your garden or on your bike or at the cottage, or simply on your back deck. No matter where you are please remember to keep your eyes open for all the neighbourhood kids on their bikes, the walkers and runners, and the 4-legged traffic on our streets. Happy and safe summer to all!


Monica Patten
CBLCA President

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