Stillwater Creek Wetland Enhancement Project

Residents may be wondering what all that work is on the west side of Moodie, South of DND headquarters, across from Abbott. It is part of the LRT2 work for the station at Moodie Drive. The work should be completed in the next week or so with the paving of the multi-use-pathway. The work involves the following:  

  • Pathway: The pathway has been raised to approximately 66.5m. According to Table 9 of the Design Brief, 15,400m³ storage is achieved at this elevation. 
  • Northern Berm: The northern berm has been constructed with a minimum target elevation of 66.5m, it also included blocking the old Stillwater Creek channel. 
  • Culvert: The new pathway culvert has been installed and it will provide flow control during storm events and the spring freshet. This will result in the wetland inundation needed to accommodate the new storage volume as required to offset the downstream flood storage loss because of the station. 
  • Stillwater Creek Channel Realignment: the channel realignment has been constructed and it will convey flow to the new pathway culvert. Seeding and erosion control blankets are now being installed. Habitat features including wood structure and pools have been installed within the new realigned channel. 
  • Plugging of existing Stillwater Creek Channel: Completed and now diverts flow into the new channel. 
  • Wetland Cell: Not part of the Minimum Requirement, however it has been constructed and is an important ecological feature for the wetland enhancement project. Habitat features in the form of various wood structures have been installed in the wetland cell.

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