Stage 2 LRT: Miffed Over Moodie MUP

Members of the Transportation, Transit, and Infrastructure Committee (TTIC) participated in a Zoom call hosted by Councilor Kavanaugh with members of the Stage 2 LRT team. The team presented updates on the Bay Ward section of the Confederation Line. The session was well done and offered a good opportunity for questions and answers. To view the presentation, go to:

:: Moodie Drive Overpass

We were stunned to be told that the planned multi-use pathway (MUP) for pedestrians and cyclists to be constructed on the Moodie Drive overpass over Highway 417 will not be carried out as part of the current LRT construction project. We were also informed that the city remains committed to the idea of a full MUP to Bells Corners and is investigating further how this can happen.

The committee has informed both Councilor Kavanaugh and the LRT team that this decision is unacceptable to our community and undermines connectivity between Crystal Beach Lakeview and Bells Corners, the Moodie Drive LRT station, and Department of National Defence. This further is contrary to the city’s commitment to a MUP on the overpass contained in the 2012 Environmental Project Report approved by the Government of Ontario. We have requested a meeting with Councilor Kavanaugh and the LRT team to learn further details regarding this situation to assist the committee in determining its next steps.

Along with Bike Ottawa, and consistent with concerns raised within our community, we have also over the winter communicated with our Councilor regarding the status of the detour through the Moodie overpass construction site. A number of changes have been made in response to improve safety through this very tricky detour. We have also requested to see the planned design and have made recommendations for the new detour when construction shifts to the west side of the overpass later this year.

:: Holly Acres Road Multi-Use Pathway

The status of the roadbed and MUP on the north side of Holly Acres Rd. in the LRT construction zone was raised by a representative of Bike Ottawa. It was questioned whether this would be repaired as part of the construction work plan. We were informed that this area is outside of the terms of the contract. Our committee will work with Bike Ottawa to seek other solutions for a considerable safety hazard on this pathway and under the highway overpasses.

:: Moodie Station and Corkstown Road Design

The National Capital Commission Board has approved design changes that will allow for alteration of the original Moodie Station design, thus allowing for Corkstown Road to remain bidirectional into the Crystal Beach Lakeview community. The LRT team is aware that we are anxiously awaiting the design plans for the entire area through to Moodie Drive. The committee continues to have concerns about aspects of the original design. We have been assured that we will receive the design as soon as is possible.

Update on the new Official Plan

The city has provided an update of its schedule on the new Official Plan. Planning Department will release an “As We Heard It” document in early May with opportunity for the public to provide additional feedback. This will continue through the summer with plans for a Public Open House in late summer on a fully updated “New Official Plan”. The document then goes to a joint meeting of Planning and Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee in September. The committee will provide opportunity for presentations to committee by the public. If approved by committee, the document then goes to full Council later this fall.

Our committee views this massive multi-year effort as a work-in-progress. The committee will once again go into detailed examination of the “As We Heard It” document with a view to drafting a further submission as needed. Time will be quite short as we intend to provide to the CBLCA Executive a draft final document for its meeting on June 2. We will then make any final changes requested by Executive and forward them to the city. We will also publish them in our newsletter. We welcome any comments from you during this period; email us here.

Ian McConnachie, TTIC Chair

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