Stage 2 LRT Construction “Ramps” Up

Your Transit, Transportation, and Infrastructure Committee (TTIC) has been monitoring developments and construction updates for the Stage 2 LRT. Here’s the latest information:

Moodie Drive Rerouting of Highway 417 Overpass

Construction is ongoing for the rail underpass under Moodie Drive to the Light Maintenance and Storage Facility. This has involved rerouting traffic on Moodie to the west half of the existing highway overpass. Many in the community have complained about the risks associated with this detour, as has the community association. The city has responded with improved signage and repainting of the road lines. While this has improved vehicular safety, pedestrian and cycling traffic remain impossible.

Once winter is over, pedestrians will use a new temporary pathway on the west side of the overpass and cyclists will have to share one of the two southbound lanes. This is far from ideal and a continuing safety concern. In late spring, the roadbed will be changed to the east side to allow for the second half of the rail underpass to be completed.

We await the design from the LRT team and are further consulting with respect to safety both for the current detour and the new one later this spring.

Highway 417 Ramp Closures at Moodie Drive

The Moodie southbound on-ramp to westbound 417 will be closed for approximately nine months from March to November, 2021 to allow for realignment of the on-ramp.

The Moodie northbound on-ramp to westbound 417 will also be closed from April to December, 2021.

All other ramps at Moodie Drive will remain open during this time. This will mean detours for all 417 westbound traffic on Moodie Drive. Detours will be in effect, but drivers will be figuring out where to go and considering alternative routes. This means potential for disruptions and an increase of traffic through our community, both on Carling Avenue and Corkstown Road.

We will be monitoring this but welcome your communication of issues. We are also particularly concerned about excessive speeds.

Visual representation of the sequencing of ramp closures at Highway 417 and Moodie Drive Interchange.

Highway 417 Ramp Changes at Holly Acres

Work is ongoing for the rail bridge over Holly Acres Road. Currently, this involves installation of footings for the bridge. Actual construction of the bridge starts in the summer of 2021.

Work on a new eastbound 417 on-ramp from Holly Acres Road south of the 417 is scheduled to begin in 2022. This will ultimately involve creation of a four-way intersection where there is currently a three-way intersection from the 416/417 off-ramps. Once the new on-ramp is completed, the southbound Richmond Rd. on-ramp to eastbound 417 on Richmond Rd. will be closed permanently and traffic rerouted onto Holly Acres Rd. and the new on-ramp.

There are no scheduled closures of any Holly Acres ramps in 2021.

Highway 417 Ramp Closures at Pinecrest Road

While this construction is unlikely to appreciably affect our community, there is likely to be increased traffic on Carling Avenue and Holly Acres Road. Dates of construction are as follows:

  • 417 westbound off-ramp to Pinecrest Rd. northbound and southbound closes from fall of 2021 to summer of 2023.
  • Pinecrest Rd. northbound to 417 westbound on-ramp closes for nine months from March to November 2021.

There is a new temporary Pinecrest Road southbound on-ramp to 417 westbound replacing the current on-ramp. No road closures will occur for this change.

More information on the Highway 417 interchange ramp closures at Pinecrest and Moodie Drive, including detour maps, is available here

New Hydro Pole Installation on Moodie Drive

TTIC is concerned about the installation of a new line of hydro poles on the east side of Moodie Drive north of Corkstown Road and on the west side of Corkstown Road west of Moodie Drive. Coincident with this has been a clearing of snow in the wetland area east of Moodie. There had been no advance communication about this construction project.

We have now been reassured that there is no further construction planned for this site. We’ve been informed that the activity is “the connecting of hydro lines along Moodie north of the highway for the enabling works. This will allow the telecoms to connect to the underground duct-bank West of Moodie.” We are advised that there will be no work being done specifically on the wetlands at this location.

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