Some Movement on Lakeview Ditches

When we last left the issue, the City committed to undertaking a study of Lakeview ditches. According to Councilor Theresa Kavanagh’s office, the first step has been completed: a hydraulic modelling analysis of the outlets leading out from Lakeview to determine if they were adequate for existing and future servicing. Three outlets were identified: Holly Acres Road, Forsyth Lane, and Corkstown Road at Stillwater Creek. 

The analysis showed that the Corkstown Road outlet has adequate capacity and could be further lowered to accommodate deeper ditches. The Holly Acres and Forsyth Lane outlets, however, are storm sewer outlets and have limited capacity, but they can be upgraded and lowered to accommodate future ditch deepening should it be required.

The next phase of the study consists of undertaking a field survey and visual inspection of the entire ditch system in Lakeview to determine the adequacy of the drainage system (including the drainage of Lakeview Park), identify flow blockages, and recommend remedial measures (such as ditch cleaning, ditch lowering, and driveway culvert replacement). This phase will be undertaken during the summer and a report will be presented in the fall. Residents may notice field staff from the City’s consultant in the neighbourhood over the next few months.

Once the field survey is complete and results compiled, a remedial measures plan will be prepared. Depending on the type of work required, the following phase will either proceed under a capital works project, a public works ditch cleaning project, or a combination of the two.

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