Retirees of CBL: Share Your Ideas on September 10th

Judy Leeson, who has led the Tuesday afternoon Friendship Club for the past several years, is stepping back from her role. Thank you, Judy, for your leadership!

Now is a good time for reflection on how we, as a community, want to move forward. We hope you will join us for a conversation on Tuesday, September 10th at Maki House at 1:30 p.m. to discuss what community activities and support for older CBL residents could look like. CBLCA President Monica Patten will facilitate the discussion.

Refreshments will be provided. For those who need transportation, please reach out to Monica at

2 thoughts on “Retirees of CBL: Share Your Ideas on September 10th”

  1. Hi Monica
    Could we rent a timeslot from the CB tennis club for Pickleball for 50+?
    This is a fast growing sport and we need recreation for 50+ badly in the area.
    Next year I would be willng to spearhead a pick- up Pickleball for 50+ program if approved. – like in City of O rec guide ($3 per session)

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