Proposed Development of Villa Lucia Property

CBLCA President Kevin Brewer participated in a virtual meeting with Councilor Theresa Kavanaugh and developers who are planning to build on the Villa Lucia property on Carling Avenue. This was deemed a preliminary meeting. At this point, however, their vision is of two nine-storey apartment buildings joined over a four-storey podium.

Kevin was able to share with the developers the nature of our community and our hope for good lines of communication as they work through the process. They do appreciate the benefit of community engagement. They are aiming for a mid-April meeting with the community, at which time they should have drawings and concept art available.

Update from the Transit, Transportation, and Infrastructure Committee (TTIC)

15 thoughts on “Proposed Development of Villa Lucia Property”

  1. I would like to hear more on crystal beach developement of villanlucia
    When is the next meeting or virtual

  2. What impact will the proposed development have on residential properties abutting on Elterwater Ave in terms of noise, encroachment, construction, lack of privacy and potential market value loss of houses?

  3. Knew this would happen, but 9 stories ? Yes a little mall would be good , ice cream shop, coffee , little bakery 😉

  4. Proposed impacts on residential properties abutting on Elterwater Avenue (zoning, construction, privacy, market value of houses)

  5. I trust CBLCA will continue to defend the character of our neighborhood by mitigating inevitable attempt by developer to maximize footprint potentially reducing current building distance to neighbors, and balconies overlooking existing back yards. I hope the builder facilitates sufficient parking to avoid overflow into the community.

  6. Am I wrong to believe this is a thirteen story building. I read four stories for the base (podium) and nine stories for the apartments.

  7. 9 Stories? I thought the Crystal Beach area was restricted to 3-4 story buildings only. I remember us (Al Loney) fighting hard when the apartment buildings on Carling (at Crystal Beach and Ullswater) were built in the late 60s. Why is this not adhered to. Everyone wants to change the zoning all the time.

    1. As per the current zoning the property to the west is limited to 34meters the same for the one at Crystal Beach and Carling. They will have to ask for allowance to increase the size, but based on the current trend…

  8. The development should be limited to 3 storey buildings for the following reasons:
    – in order to fit in with the existing character of the neighbourhood;
    – in order to maintain privacy and property values for homes nearby; and
    – in light of the lack of good local transit and distance from LRT stations.

  9. Development along Carling Avenue from Andrew Haydon Park to Moodie should be kept to 3 storeys. Higher buildings would interfere with migratory birds, in particular Canada Geese, passing over this area as they feed in the farmers’ fields to the south and overnight in the Ottawa River/Lac Deschenes.
    Development over three storeys would change the character of the neighbourhood and decrease sunlight and liveability.
    Allowing a single developer to construct a higher rise complex would set an unfortunate precedent for this neighbourhood.

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