President’s Update for April 2021

Happy Easter/Happy Spring to everyone in the community! Unfortunately, we find ourselves under disheartening new Covid-19 lock-down orders, but we have survived this before and will do so again. At least the weather is getting warmer and it’s always a pleasure to get outside and see our neighbours. 

In the next few days, community members will receive an email from the CBLCA inviting them to respond to a general survey. We are allowing our Survey Monkey subscription to lapse, but before it does we thought we’d check in with the community (most recent survey was in 2018). These questions will cover a number of topics and issues, and the answers will help us understand how you view the CBLCA and what we can do to serve the community’s needs better. We really appreciate you taking time to answer these questions. You’re helping us stay relevant.

By now, most people have received a letter about a “sewer and water line insurance policy”.  The City of Ottawa has authorized a private company to offer this insurance policy, using the City of Ottawa’s logo. This has caused some confusion over who is offering what, and whether residents have a choice. First, this is a completely voluntary program – you do not have to sign up. Second, always check with your home insurance company. You may already be covered. Third, if you have any concerns, ask follow-up questions such as: Does my policy cover any blockage, whatever the (unintentional) cause? For example, one resident was concerned that they may not be covered if roots from a city-owned tree causes the blockage.  Lastly, you are always encouraged to call 311 with any questions related to your home sewer and water lines. Here are a few links to background articles on the topic: City of Ottawa, CBC #1CBC #2CTV.

A few of us have experienced questionable phone calls from people offering various services and asking questions about furnaces/AC/water heaters etc. (perhaps the only good thing about the Covid experience is it has cured us of the door-to-door scam, for the time being at least). If someone does show up at your door in these times, be VERY suspicious! A good rule of thumb is: if you didn’t call them, don’t answer their questions — they should answer yours. Ask for a phone number to call them back; this will eliminate a huge portion of scams. The government will never cold-call you about taxes, criminal charges, or other matter. If it ever involves buying gift cards. . . SCAM! 

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