President’s November 2020 Message

Greetings Crystal Beach Lakeview! CBCLA just had its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Nov 4th.  It was an online Zoom affair, which we were very nervous about (I think we are all close to done with online meetings)!  We had a great turnout, with 50 participants, which of course doesn’t account for participants who shared a screen. We had a run-down of last year’s activities and the status of CBLCA. and our Councillor, Theresa Kavanagh, made time to say a few words and participate in our Q&A at the end.

During the meeting, elections were held and a new executive was established! The new exec team is made up of a mix of familiar faces and some new ones. In fact, there are still a few positions still, and we’ll do our best to find volunteers to accept these roles. Click here to see the list of available positions, and please consider joining us! If you’re looking for some high octane online entertainment, here is a link to the recording of the meeting.

Thank you to our departing volunteers

Former Communications Chair Emma Osgoode has decided to explore some new volunteer options. CBLCA thanks Emma for her great work over the years, and apologizes for any “newsletter faux pas” we commit from December onward (Emma is helping out with this newsletter as a parting gesture).

We would also like to thank our former Vice President Krystal Taylor for her significant contributions to the executive. Going forward, Krystal can be spotted in the winter months clearing snow at Maki Rink, as she is leading a team of neighbours to manage the rink in Grant Millar’s place. Grant has retired from rink operations after some 25 years serving the community in this capacity! 

Brenda McCrea, who was our Treasurer for the last two years, has also decided to explore other volunteer opportunities. Thank you, Brenda, for keeping a close eye on CBLCA’s financial activities. 

And we also say goodbye to Dennis Rice, our Zone 4 Rep, always quick to volunteer to help out the community.  

Welcome, new members of CBLCA’s exec team!

We welcome Nic Martinez as this year’s Treasurer. Al Arseneault, a familiar presence at Lakeview park/rink will join the executive this year as Zone Rep for Lakeview (Zone 2).

Lastly, as we approach the winter, we do not know how things will evolve in terms of the pandemic. We continue to adapt and to look for new ways to do things. Will Winter Carnival happen? We will do our utmost to see it does! We will also update you ASAP on the Maki House reopening plan.

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