Presidents Note: March 2022

Greeting Crystal Beach – Lakeview!

So, how about that storm eh! I was away in BC for the ‘derecho’ (our new word of the week), but I did get to see it in radar format and smell it in my fridge when we got home on Wednesday. It was good to see quite a few people sharing power via generators with neighbours and helping clean up the neighbourhood. When events of this scale occur, it will be your neighbours that can make the biggest difference in the short term! If you ever needed an icebreaker with new neighbours or any you haven’t seen in a while there is nothing like a derecho and a near city wide blackout to bring us together!

There is not a lot to cover in this newsletter, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Inside you will find an article covering the CBLCA’s meeting with the City about the Lakeview ditches. This is just phase one, where the ditch system was surveyed. There is a request from the City for residents to fill in any missing information, see the article below for more information.

We are still waiting for the go-ahead from the city in regards to a mural to be painted on the Maki Park ice rink bunker. We have an artist selected and ready to go, hopefully you will see some new colours in the coming weeks! Also at Maki House starting this June is a new Monday Morning Yoga program – details below. Lastly in regards to Maki House here is an important message from our Brownies / Sparks / Guides:  The 67th Nepean Brownies, Sparks, and Guides are creating a community project to bring a smile to our neighbours. We are painting rocks to make a rock snake in the garden of Maki house. We would like to invite our community members to paint a rock and add it to the snake to see how long we can make it grow. “I’m a rock snake here to make you smile! Paint a rock and add it to my body to help me grow a mile!”

With sadness we have decided to cancel Wheel Day (June 12th), due to a few different factors. One was COVID, while now thankfully slowly disappearing from our vernacular, it still has some lingering effects, one being we are sorely out of practice organizing these events and had a hard time finding sponsors and vendors. The final cherry was of course a week without power. We felt it was better to cancel Wheel Day, than to have a bad Wheel Day. We apologize for the disappointment but there still will be a Tree-Giveway on the 12th, hosted by Ecology Ottawa (timely give the number of trees we all lost in the storm).

A former president and community advocate, Peggy McGillivray, teamed up with our TTIC chair Ian McConnachie and reached out to the Ottawa Citizen to get an article going about the LRT-LMSF (light maintenance and storage facility). I think it summed up nicely the sentiments of many in the community about the big white – excuse me “light grey” – sheds being build next to the 417 that was supposed to blend in with the surrounding greenery. Here is the Article, and big a thank you to Ian and Peggy for getting this out there!

Lastly, and copied straight from our councilors Bay Ward Builtin: Councillor Kavanagh invites you to a Ward 7 Stage 2 LRT project presentation and update on Tuesday June 7, 2022 from 7pm to 9pm. The presentation will be followed by a Question and Answer session. To participate please sign up here.

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