President’s Note: April 2022

Greetings Crystal Beach – Lakeview!

We are in the middle of Spring and yard work season has started! I am personally discovering a few muscles that seem to be garden related, Our Parks and Rec guru has a few tips below that I wish I had read first!

On tap today, we have a variety of Green ideas for you and how you can help the Environment. We really are lucky here with the great hedges and massive trees that litter the area, one of the benefits of a mature neighbourhood! But those trees and hedges didn’t plant themselves, and we can all help in keeping this part of Ottawa beautiful and environmentally healthy, see the articles from the CBLCA’s Environmental committee for more.

We are also continuing our search for Friendship Club and Play Group organizers. While it can seem a little daunting to do this kind of thing (believe you me – I know!), the CBLCA is here to help you figure it out. In the end we are all neighbours helping neighbours, many hands make light work, as they say. If this interests you, reach out for a chat (

A few people noticed the new development sign at Vil’a Lucia, we checked with the city and it is just a replacement for the first one, that met a winter fate. There is no new news there, it is still in a state of limbo, as soon as we know – you’ll know!

We are hoping to have our annual Wheel Day event this year, but need your help in deciding. There have been many false starts as the pandemic fizzles out, and we want to make sure everyone is ready for it here in Crystal Beach -Lakeview.

3 thoughts on “President’s Note: April 2022”

  1. I believe I saw a sandwich board a few weeks ago advertising Residential Window Cleaners. If so, are they still available and how do I contact them?

    Actually, a few years ago we had a listing of local businesses offering lawn care and such. Does this list still exist?

    Thank you for any info you can give me.
    Mary Jackson

    1. Hi Mary, Sorry the CBLCA is not affiliated with the window cleaners, we have no information about them. Yes years ago there was a Local Business group in the CBL, but that group ceased to exist shortly after. I believe that on the Community Facebook page some local businesses advertise, or other residents can make recommendations.

      Your CBLCA

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