President’s Message for September 2021

Greetings Crystal Beach Lakeview!

The CBLCA has reconvened after the summer break, though by the surveys and emails that went out over the summer, you’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise. 

Over the summer, the Transportation, Transit and Infrastructure Committee and the Executive were active on several issues, namely the upcoming LRT2 construction, the development of the former Villa Lucia property, and the ongoing saga about the opening of Maki House. Thanks to all residents who answered the surveys that we sent out. The information helps us make sure we reflect the community’s position in the various submissions to the city. 

As the fall brings the uncertainty about a dreaded fourth wave of the pandemic, we will continue to roll with the punches and work towards getting programs re-started in Maki House.  The CBLCA will shortly announce the date and format of our annual general meeting (AGM), most likely a Zoom event.

I would like to take this opportunity to ask you, the residents of Crystal Beach Lakeview, to consider joining the CBLCA Executive. Community associations are becoming more and more important as information conduits for local news and city affairs. We keep you informed and act as a bridge between residents and the various levels of government.

Community associations are made up of average residents who want to get involved and make a difference. If you use programs at Maki House, attend community events, read the newsletter, you can see the CBLCA makes all that happen. The CBLCA can’t make things happen without residents willing to step forward.

One of our recent surveys asked people why they were reluctant to get involved with CBLCA. The main reasons boiled down to not knowing what people could bring to the Executive and the time commitment. Skills needed are: having an opinion, willing to engage in good faith discussions, and wanting to contribute to the community. We come from different backgrounds and perspectives but with one common goal: wanting to live in an engaged, safe, and beautiful neighbourhood. As for the time component, it is generally one two-hour meeting once a month and a few hours here and there for various events. 

For the AGM, all positions are considered open, from president to zone reps. We will send out a list of incumbents shortly, but if there is a position you would excel at, let us know. 

I became involved to meet new people in the neighbourhood and to help keep Crystal Beach Lakeview great. Over the last five years, I have met a lot of people I would not have known otherwise, gained experience with dealing with the city, and made new friends. For all forms of volunteerism, part of what you get out of it depends on what you give. That is everything from volunteering in the association, to voting, and even just signing up for the newsletter to stay in the loop. It all matters and doesn’t happen by itself.

Please consider joining us. For more information send me an email at I promise to answer your questions without any pressure tactics! 

—Kevin Brewer

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