President’s Message for October 2021

Greeting Crystal Beach Lakeview! Things are looking up: the federal election over, COVID is going in the right direction, and the weather has been lovely. The CBLCA is planning the Annual General Meeting and finalizing a detailed submission about the proposed development at 3430 Carling (the Villa Lucia property).

The AGM will again be an online Zoom event due to restrictions on large gatherings that will likely still be in place. The details will be out next newsletter, but it will follow last year’s format, around an hour long. We are still looking for people to join the Executive, so please take a moment and consider the opportunity. You will get a chance to meet a variety of people from the community and help make a difference. New people and new ideas lead to growth and allow current executive members to have a break. 

The Transportation, Transit, and Infrastructure Committee has been busy dealing with multiple development files on the go. Of note, the CBLCA will be arguing against the development as proposed at 3430 Carling, given its current sizes and design and community sentiment that came out from our recent survey. We have also been keeping an eye on the development at 3368 Carling, at Bedale Drive. Residents have noticed that the large number of construction-related impairing visibility for drivers. It appears the developer now has proper traffic control in place now. If you have any issues or concerns, send us a note at This will help us monitor the situation and allow us to do what we can to remedy any problems.

2 thoughts on “President’s Message for October 2021”

  1. Has anyone followed up with the assigned city planner for 3430 Carling for geology info? At the last zoom meeting there was a question about the possibility of Leda clay being under the 9 story building that is proposed for the Villa Maria property?

    Note that Leda clay is under many areas of our community.

    As Leda clay requires costly, multiple steel / concrete columns driven into the rock foundation that is beneath the slippery clay, to stabilize a large heavy building like the proposed 9 story building, these extra costs may stop the developer – and make them backout or change their property development design / height.

    1. This is correct. The developer was not required by the city to carry out detailed soil analysis prior to submitting its proposal. Should their design be approved by Planning Committee, they would move into further analysis leading ultimately to a request for Site Plan Approval. Presence of Leda clay could cause them to alter plans. TTIC is not counting on this at this stage with our submission to Planning Committee.

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