President’s Message for May 2021

Hello dear residents. It is hard to believe that summer is only one month away. The vaccination program is in full swing and hopefully things will get back to normal. Here are a few updates from the CBLCA.

CBLCA Community Survey. Many thanks to those who completed the survey. The information we glean from these surveys helps us make well-grounded decisions and give us confidence that you support our efforts. FYI, this was the ninth major survey the CBLCA has conducted over the last three and a half years. The results can be found on our website here

For this survey, we had a response rate of almost 25 percent (213 responses), which is very good. The written responses were varied and there were a few common questions and suggestions. For example,  a few people asked why we no longer produce a printed version of the newsletter. The short answer is cost; the CBLCA does not get any external funding (only activity fees and donations), so we have to be extra-fiscally responsible with our expenses. The digital version is free to produce and at present has some 867 recipients. There were also a number of comments about staging more social events for community building. Once the path is clear after the pandemic, we will see what we can do about that!

Capital Clean Up.  This event has been placed on hold by the City of Ottawa until after the lock-down. The City will let us know when it can resume. Many thanks to the people who volunteered their time; we will send out an email when we get the go-ahead from the City with the new date. If any other residents would like to sign up, send an email to with “Clean up the Capital” in the subject line. 

You’re invited to attend part of next Executive’s meeting. On Wednesday, June 2, the CBLCA Executive will have its last meeting (virtually on Zoom) before the summer break. We typically don’t meet during the summer, but will keep our ear to the ground ready to jump into action if needed.

For this meeting, we thought we’d try a new idea by inviting you and your fellow community residents to the last hour of the meeting. Between 8 and 9 p.m., you will be free to ask us any question you have, make suggestions, and generate discussion. We will record this portion and post it on our website.

There are two ways you can get involved: One is to attend the meeting in real time. Two, submit a question ahead of time that we will address during the meeting. To either attend the meeting or submit a question please, email us at We will send out the Zoom link a day or so before the meeting on June 2. Please write “Meeting Question” or “Attend Meeting” in the subject line. See you then!

Kevin Brewer, CBLCA President

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