President’s Message for June 2021

Greetings Crystal Beach Lakeview. We have made it to another great Ottawa summer! 

The Executive just held its last meeting before the summer break, and we will come together again in September. As usual, the CBLCA and its ever busy Transit, Transportation, and Infrastructure Committee (TTIC) will still be monitoring developments and community issues. I would like to thank both the TTIC and Executive members for their dedication over the past year.  

This has been a hard year for the CBLCA as it has for all of us individually. It has been frustrating to try to plan virtual online events and organize Maki House re-openings only to be shut down again and again. Not being able to meet in-person has removed the personal interaction that allows for good team building. Zoom has become its own “four-letter word”, and while it has been an essential tool for all of us, the novelty has worn off. I want thank all the members who participated in evening meetings and helped make this machine operate smoothly.

Coming up on June 22 is a meeting with councilor Theresa Kavanagh about the proposed Villa Lucia property redevelopment. At present, the CBLCA has no further information than what we have already shared back in March. I encourage everyone to attend this meeting so that we can work with the city and the developer to achieve a project that will benefit the community.  It is through meetings such as this that we can make our concerns, objections, or support known. Register here.

As we continue to navigate the myriad COVID protocols from all levels of government, we are still waiting to hear from the City of Ottawa about the Clean Up the Capital campaign. As soon as we get the go-ahead, we will send out word and assemble our trash warriors into formation.

Maki House continues to be in a state of limbo as we await the green light from the City. For anyone who has organized activities or clubs at Maki House, we will contact you when we have news. I hope activities will resume in the fall. A big thanks to our Parks and Rec committee for its hard work this year and for organizing the ParticiPACTION Community Better Challenge that has just started!

Lastly a shout out to our Communications committee for the great work on the Newsletter.

Have a super summer, Crystal Beach Lakeview neighbours. We hope to see you in-person and mask-less in the fall!

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