President’s Message for December 2021

Greetings Crystal Beach Lakeview. A big thank you to everyone for joining us at the CBLCA’s Annual General Meeting. For those of you who missed it, fear not! There is a recording of the event so you can watch it over and over again (Click here)! Hopefully, this will be our last online AGM we do; the sailing club is a much better venue.

We said goodbye to a few members of the Executive. Alan Morantz, our Secretary and Communications “stand in”, is moving on after several years with the CBLCA. Alan did a great job of keeping us on track in meetings and stepped up and took over the communications duties to lighten my work load. Carrie Elliott, Zone 5 Rep, is stepping aside to pursue other interests. Carrie was instrumental in rewriting our constitution — no simple task! Carrie was also key in meetings for clarifying issues and moving issues forward. Amanda Martinez is also moving on to other pursuits. Amanda was a great asset in rounding up sponsors for us in past community events.

While I am always sad to see people move on, it is healthy and important for community associations to have a rotating roster of people with new ideas. It makes for a healthy executive and easier for new people to join. It also allows for people to take a break for a few years and come back with fresh energy (hint hint). We still need a communications guru; this would be a great opportunity for someone trying to get some experience in the communications field. Generally speaking, the work involves: a monthly newsletter, updating the CBLCA’s website, and making occasional Facebook posts. Any students out there looking for a resume boost?

The first meeting of the newly elected executive will happen in a week or so and we will get on with our work, helping out our community wherever we can.

Lastly, since this is the final Newsletter of 2021, Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to everyone in Crystal Beach Lakeview from the CBLCA Executive!

Kevin Brewer

President, CBLCA

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  1. I just finished watching your recording of the AGM zoom meeting, allow me to add my thanks to everyone for all the work you do, I am mightily impressed with how informative and articulate all of you are, as well! Great work, everybody… 😊

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