Parks & Rec Fitness Tip: Six Steps To Progress

The cooler weather may have moved more of your workouts indoors, but you can keep your motivation and progress up by applying these six basic training principles to your home workout program:


The body must be continuously challenged to improve performance. Gradually increase intensity, duration, or frequency of workouts.

Try: Increasing the intensity of your workout by listening to an upbeat playlist.

2. Progression

To keep progressing, add greater physical demands week by week. Increase the weight lifted, the number of reps, or decrease rest time between sets.

Try: Timing your sets or rest with a free Tabata timer app.

3. Specificity

Aim to simulate your everyday movements in your training program. This may be sport specific or functional movements.

Try: For functional fitness, add loaded carries to your workout, such as the Farmer’s Walk exercise.

4. Individuality

Adaptations to specific exercise varies among individuals; exercises can be adjusted for any fitness level to suit your abilities and goals.

Try: Step-ups on your stairs if squats or lunges are hard on your knees.

5. Reversibility

Detraining occurs if exercise habits are not maintained. After a hiatus, be sure to ease back into exercise to avoid overdoing it (even if it’s only a couple of weeks!).

Try: Working at 70 percent of your max to ease in. If you feel like you can do 10 reps, stop at seven. This will mitigate some of the soreness you’ll feel in that first week back.

6. Variability

Variability in a training program (switching it up every six to eight weeks) prevents boredom and ensures continuous adaptations.

Try: Recording your workouts in a training log to track your progress and to know when it’s time to switch things up.

Amanda Firby, Chair, CBLCA Parks and Recreation Committee

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