Parks & Rec Fitness Tip: Build a Budget-Friendly Home Gym

Looking to build a home gym? Buying multiple sets of dumbbells can add up fast. Look for multi-use, affordable, and easy-to-store equipment that fits within your workout space to get the best bang for your buck.

Aerobics step

A step is a great way to fit in an indoor cardio workout, and it can double as a weightlifting bench for dumbbell exercises. It’s portable and adjustable.

Price range: $40 to $200, depending on quality and adjustable features.

Tip: Place a fitness mat on top of the step if you’re using it as a bench.

Mini-bands (loops)

Mini-bands are best for training glutes, core, back, and shoulders. They come in both rubber versions (which are more stretchy) and fabric options (less likely to tear over time).

Price range: $3 to $6 for one band, $18 to $30 for a pack of bands.

Tip: A pack of bands will offer a variety of resistance levels for different muscle groups.

Resistance bands (long bands with handles)

After dumbbells, resistance bands are the most versatile piece of strength equipment. Consider purchasing a pack of bands with carabiners on each end. That allows multiple bands to be clipped onto one set of handles, allowing the resistance level to be adjusted for different exercises.

Price range: $10 to $20 for one, $30 to $40 for a pack.

Tip: Look for a pack with a door frame attachment to anchor the bands in a closed door.

Cardio Pump Set

These barbell and plate sets are the style of bars used for group fitness classes. The bars are lightweight (5 to 15 pounds), with an accompanying set of small weight plates and clips. Most bars are 40 to 45 pounds fully loaded.

Price range: $90 to $200 (bars, plates, and clips can be sold as a package or as separate items, varying price).

Tip: The bars for these sets are rubber coated, making them easy to grip.

Amanda Firby, Chair, Parks and Recreation Committee

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