Parks & Rec Fitness Tip: 5 Golden Rules of Holiday Fitness

The busy month of December can derail our fitness routines, leaving us feeling like we must make up for it later. Remember…

  1. Fitness isn’t all or nothing

View the holidays as a drop in the bucket compared to a year full of healthy habits. You can enjoy special holiday treats or miss workout, and it won’t erase all the hard work you’ve done this year.

  1. Refuel with healthy snacks

Shopping trips and family activities might throw you off your usual meal schedule. All those steps added to your day from a marathon shopping excursion require healthy refueling. Including protein and water in your snacks and mealtimes will keep you feeling fuller longer and keep your energy levels up.

  1. Do something you enjoy

When you feel like you need to move, but you’re not feeling up to the task of mentally pushing yourself through an intense workout, just do what you enjoy. Do a workout that feels most natural and doable for you.

  1. Embrace the recovery time

An Active Rest week is an important aspect of recovery in any balanced training program. It allows soft tissues time to repair and reduces the risk of injury. Get outside, fit in movement when you can, but embrace the time off from high intensity workouts.

  1. Navigate the holiday season one day at a time

You don’t need to make up for a holiday party or meal with punishing workouts. Approach each workout by checking in with your body and seeing how you’re feeling that day.

Amanda Firby, Chair, CBLCA Parks and Recreation Committee

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