Would You Like Your Child to Learn Tennis in 4 Lessons for Only $10?

Capital Kids is a venture arranged by the National Capital Tennis Association (NCTA), the City of Ottawa, and the Trillium Foundation. It is set up to introduce children to the sport of tennis. The children do not have to be members of any tennis club, though we expect that, if the child likes the game, there is a tennis club in Corkstown Park that is happy to accept members!  

The offer to parents is that they register their child in the program and, for $10, the child receives four lessons over the course of a month from a qualified tennis coach. The program operates over four months: May, June , July, and August. If a child receives lessons in May, it is open to that child to join again for the June session for another $10 for four lessons in that month. The same rules would apply to July and August.

When one considers that coaching lessons normally cost $20 to $30 per lesson, then you can see what a gift this program is to the children of the area if they want to learn to play tennis.


It is possible, like last year, that the Capital Kids program may have to be cancelled again in 2021 (or delayed) because of the pandemic. However, the NCTA is planning a start in May 2021. If that does not occur, the NCTA will look to succeeding months to coach some of the registrants. If cancellation occurs, then refunds or credits will be arranged for the families who paid. The objective is to have the children on the courts hitting the tennis balls to one another.

For any questions on the program please contact:

Ian Ashe, President, Crystal Beach Tennis Club

613-820-4995 (Home) 


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