Ottawa’s New Official Plan and Your TTIC

Following up on the previous newsletter, CBLCA would like to remind our fellow citizens that feedback is still being collected from the City of Ottawa regarding the “New Official Plan.” This plan is very important for all of us, as it will help dictate how and where this city grows over the next 20 years or so, how big new buildings will be, what transportation networks will look like, the extent of parks and recreation, among many other topics.

CBLCA’s Transportation, Transit and Infrastructure (TTIC) committee has been diligently reading the almost 300 pages of the report, analyzing how it will affect our great city and neighbourhood, and generating feedback for the city on our behalf. I’d like to thank the members of TTIC — Ian McConnachie (Chair), Kate Twiss, Rick Nelson, Anita Vanden Bygaart, Mark Hollet, and Lynn Hart — for all their hard work on this issue and others in the past such as the high-rise development on Woodridge Crescent.

Why not take a peek at the proposed Official Plan yourself and let the City know what you think? Here is more information via councillor Theresa Kavanagh’s Bay Ward Bulletin:

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