Ottawa West Winter Trail Parking

There is a lot of activity on the west side of Moodie Drive on Corkstown Road, near the trailhead for the path that runs through Wesley Clover Park. This is part of the Ottawa West Winter Trail (OWTT) and also near the work site for the Light Maintenance Storage Facility and Moodie LRT2 construction.

There was some confusion about street parking for access to the OWTT. Here’s a note from the city that should clear things up.

“Please be advised, that Hydro has confirmed that they expect to be at this site for another 2+ weeks, pending the weather. However, our Traffic Team has been working with Hydro and Traffic Operations and I am happy to report that all parties have approved altering the construction “No Stopping/No Parking” signs to read “No Stopping/No Parking – 7:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday”. The altered signs will continue to protect workers while onsite and will also allow residents parking opportunities to enjoy Ottawa’s outdoor amenities evenings and weekends.”

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