One Million Steps Challenge: Let’s Walk It Off

By Suzanne Boisvenu

I found this Facebook post on our community Group chat. It read: JOIN US  Jan. 1 to April 10 for the One Million Step Challenge 2021.

Participants in the challenge are aiming to walk one million steps in the first 100 days of 2021. I believe there are around 45 people who have committed.

Graham Acreman, the man who put the challenge out, created a Facebook Group for the participants and provided us with a link to a Google docs worksheet. We input our daily steps into this shared worksheet.

Accepting this challenge was the easy part. Walking outside every day in a variety of adverse weather extremes to get your 10,000 or more steps in is the “not so easy part.” Becoming ONE with your FitBit or any other tracking device takes some getting used to. But the real challenge is to get going every day, as one could be easily swayed into skipping those cold, slushy, slippery, blustery winter day and evening walks.

At the other end of the spectrum are the beautiful fairy tale snowfalls and bright sunny days that make you realize it’s a blessing to have the physical health and ability to walk around and enjoy this wondrous neck of the woods. 

One of the walkers discovered a smartphone app called Relive. This is a fun app to add to your daily walks and hikes. It allows you to record your trek and take pictures along the way. It maps out your entire walk and, if you choose, you can include the photos you take along the way, along with the location and time the photos were captured. Once you return home, you download the trip information for viewing and click on to the next perk, which is to add music to your “show.” All this to say you can “Relive” your walk experience and include it in your bragging emails to friends and family.

A huge thank you to Graham for spearheading this neighbourhood-wide initiative. Thank you for your dedication and encouragement. What a fabulous way to get a lot of us out there and truly enjoying this winter.

It’s not too late to join the group. Contact Graham at

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