Ottawa’s Official Plan – Special Edition!

Greetings Crystal Beach-Lakeview,

We try to keep the mass emails to a manageable number, but every once in awhile an issue arises that we feel you should know about. The CBLCA Transit, Transportation and Infrastructure Committee (TTIC) has been working hard again on digesting the City of Ottawa’s draft Official Plan and coming up with a critique and suggestions for the City. It’s OK, the City asked for it!

The City of Ottawa is accepting these comments until February 17th. This is why you are getting this special edition, to make sure you have enough time to take a look and consider responding yourself. The TTIC is preparing an official submission that the CBLCA will submit to the City on your behalf (we will post it on the website when it is done). The TTIC is looking at the Official Plan from a variety of angles: how it affects us here in CBL and the city as a whole, the environmental impact, city growth and transit among others. The CBLCA takes this as an opportunity to work with the City in a constructive manner to help guide Ottawa into the future.

Please review the accompanying post from the TTIC on the Official Plan. It highlights some of our concerns and how we believe the plan will affect not just us, but Ottawa as a whole. Again, the City is accepting comments for individual citizens, groups or associations until February 17th.

The CBLCA Exec.

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