Official Plan: Moodie Drive Greenspace Needs Protection

Wetland west of Moodie Drive and north of Corkstown Road

The city’s multi-year process to update the Official Plan is winding down, with anticipated approval of a final document at the City Council meeting of October 27. The next step is review of the final draft document with any additional motions to amend it on October 14.

The CBLCA’s Transportation, Transit, and Infrastructure Committee has been continuing its considerable efforts to assess the plan and its impacts on our community. At the October 14 joint meeting of the Planning Committee and the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee, we will propose a motion to amend the plan as it relates to the Moodie LRT Station and its impact on the Greenbelt.

While the document currently has several good protections and visions for the future of the greenspaces in the city and the Greenbelt, it lacks measurements or metrics for these visions. It also neglects to acknowledge that our precious natural bounties are in fact critical infrastructure for the future of our city and its residents. An example of how things can change over time is the decision to build the new Ottawa Civic Hospital in the arboretum.

Moodie Station will be unique in the entire LRT system as the only station built within the Greenbelt. While it is not designated as a Hub or a Protected Major Transit Station Area, and while our community is not a designated area for intensification, we cannot trust that at some future date within the life of the new official plan, some City Council or NCC Board of Directors might be convinced to change the plan and develop on the adjacent Greenbelt land or alongside of it on Corkstown Road. This would destroy the Greenbelt near us.

We are therefore proposing a motion whereby Moodie Station will be identified as a transit station not subject to developmental intensification. We are pleased that Councilor Kavanagh supports this motion and will have arranged with a fellow Councilor on committee to submit the motion on our behalf. At this point we have no knowledge how this will go, but CBLCA remains committed to getting the best results for our Greenbelt.

Ian McConnachie, Chair of the Transportation, Transit, and Infrastructure Committee

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