OC Transpo Update: Glimmer of Hope

On October 19, Councilor Kavanagh hosted a meeting for the community with OC Transpo representatives. OC Transpo made available a number of their staff and updated information on service to Crystal Beach Lakeview.

Members of TTIC were active in raising a number of questions. While the effort from the transit folks was welcome, we remain hopeful for enhancements of the service in future.

It is apparent that there will be no additional changes to transit for Crystal Beach Lakeview in the short term. There is a commitment from Councilor Kavanagh, however, for improved communication of any further changes that impact our community, as well as an acknowledgement that the closure of Moodie Station and communication around it was not well handled.

OC Transpo has also indicated that there will be a review of transit routes in 2023 with opportunity for public engagement in the process. We will monitor this and facilitate involvement of our residents.

View the information session with OC Transpo

Ian McConnachie, Chair of the Transportation, Transit, and Infrastructure Committee

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  1. I would like to know more about the EXTREMELY LOUD Explosions that occurred between about 7:57 pm and 8:17 pm last evening. There should at least have been a warning that it was going to happen, and I’m sure it broke all Bylaws on tolerable noise levels. I have witnessed artillery guns firing at close range and it was at least as noisy as that – hundreds of explosions in rapid succession with no letup. It hurt the eardrums and the house trembled.

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