Nominees for 2019-20 CBLCA Executive Positions

Nominations for executive positions can be made from the floor at the AGM on November 18th. There must be a mover and seconder and agreement by the candidate. The following candidates have been nominated in advance. They must also be formally nominated from the floor at the meeting.

Position: President
Nominee: Kevin Brewer (current Vice President)

Position: Vice President
Nominee: Krystal Taylor (current Secretary)

Position: Secretary
Nominee: Alan Morantz (current Zone 2 Rep)

Position: Treasurer
Nominee: Brenda McCrea (incumbent)

Position: Chair, Transportation, Transit and Infrastructure Committee
Nominee: Doug Wasson. Doug is a past CBLCA executive member and Treasurer who has worked on the TTIC for the past 2 years. He is an engineer by training.

Position: Chair, Parks and Recreation Committee
Nominee: Amanda Firby. Amanda manages a corporate fitness centre for IBM. She brings a wealth of experience in managing schedules, budgets, and volunteer activities.

Position: Chair, Communications
Nominee: Emma Osgoode (incumbent)

Position: Zone 1 Rep
Nominee: Amanda Martinez (incumbent)

Position: Zone 2 Rep
Nominee: Sam Tierney. Sam is an 8-year resident of Lakeview. He runs a foundation repair company.

Position: Zone 3 Rep
Nominee: Rick Nelson (incumbent)

Position: Zone 4 Rep
Nominee: Dennis Rice. Dennis is a 3-year resident of Crystal Beach; he was one of the hosts of this year’s Endless Summer Block Party on Harlowe Cres. Dennis formerly served on the Kanata South Community Association. He works at DND’s Carling campus.

Position: Zone 5 Rep
Nominee: Carrie Elliott (incumbent)

Position (non-elected): Past President, Monica Patten

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