Monica’s summer message

Summer has truly arrived! It’s quiet outside my window as I write this on the morning of July 1, perhaps because of the heat, maybe because we were all watching soccer or tennis, or maybe everyone was at the cottage or visiting with family and friends… or saving your energy for a street party (above photo cred of neighbourhood fireworks goes to Dan Dubeau)! Whatever you were doing, I hope it was a happy time, and that over the summer we will all find some time to relax and rejuvenate ourselves for the fall.

For CBLCA, while we are taking a break from formal activities, we are not taking our eye off the ball. We’re following what is happening with Wesley Clover Parks’ application for rezoning; we’re thinking ahead to the municipal election, and we’re tracking ongoing concerns about traffic – especially on Carling Avenue and Corkstown Road – and considering how best we can make sure they are dealt with. While there won’t be a newsletter in August, we will of course keep you posted of important developments by email and on Facebook.

I know that you join me in thanking the CBLCA executive who have worked so hard with many of you over the past several months to make sure our community is vibrant, welcoming and safe for all. They are all listed on our website (, which I encourage you to visit any time you want to know what’s going on.

Have a safe and happy summer!

Monica Patten

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