Mobilizing Neighbours of 3368 Carling Ave

CBLCA has a mandate to ensure community residents are kept informed of potential impacts to the community due to development by the city or private developers. To this end, we have reached out directly to approximately 50 residents affected (or potentially affected) by the proposed development at the corner of Bedale Dr and Carling Ave.

CBLCA is concerned about this development affecting the immediate neighbours and also setting a precedent for future development along Carling. The community association does not intend to directly oppose or support this development, but rather to inform and empower the community regarding this and future developments.

What is the issue?

The developer, Cardel, wants to build a 3-storey, 15-unit apartment building on the vacant lot at Carling and Bedale. To maximize use of the space and the number of units it can sell, Cardel is applying for a Minor Variance with the city of Ottawa. A full list of the 7 variances and the proposed development can be found on the Documents page of the site.

Normally, developers may only build up to a certain distance from the property line (known as setback). This ensures the privacy of the immediate neighbours. Cardel wants to reduce this setback limit from 7.5 metres to 4.4 metres on one side, and from 3 metres to 0.2 metres on another. Keeping in mind this is a 3-storey building, this could affect the immediate neighbours’ privacy, resale values and view.

If the City allows Cardel to build beyond the current setback limit, it may also set a precedent for future developers to ask for the same variances. Building close to the edges of property lines has recently occurred at the development adjacent to Maki house.

In 2012, The City created the Infill 2 Bylaw to restrict this practice, but if a variance is requested and nobody objects, a developer is permitted to proceed.

What can be done?

When a developer requests a minor variance from the City, the Committee of Adjustment holds a public meeting at which the developer and any residents may submit their concerns, either in writing or orally. Many developers obtain these variances because nobody opposes them.

If you are concerned about these variances and the precedent being set, consider attending the Committee of Adjustment meeting currently scheduled for January 16th at 6:30 pm (Ben Franklin Place, The Chamber, Main floor, 101 Centrepointe Dr).

You can also write a letter and send it in via mail or email. The deadline for submission is January 9th, so email is the preferred method. You should include in the subject line “3368 Carling Ave – Minor Variances” and send it to, ideally with a cc to, for our records. Here is a sample letter you can copy and paste.

Why is CBLCA involved?

CBLCA was approached by neighbours adjacent to the vacant lot to help advocate regarding this issue. Cardel has not been acting in what we would consider good faith. Although encouraged (but not required) by the City, they have not engaged the community association or local neighbours. This is not an effort on CBLCA’s part to stop all development, but rather to keep developers in check with the established building codes and to ensure residents’ property values, privacy and rights are respected.

For more information please refer to the Documents page in the About Us section of this site.

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