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Who are these Zone Reps you keep hearing about? What’s a Zone! A while back the CBLCA divided the community into bit size chunks – Zones. We then recruited residents to stand in as representatives for “their Zones”, this was to add some extra hands to the Executive and to ensure we have the pulse of the community. Below is our Zone map and short Bio’s of your zone reps. To get into contact with your Zone Rep, send an email to with “Zone X + your topic” in the subject line.

Zone 1

Stonehedge, Creeks End, and Carling Avenue between Corkstown Road and Crystal Beach Drive

Amanda Martinez

This is Amanda’s third consecutive year on the CBLCA. She moved into the neighbourhood in late 2017 with her husband Nick and two young children and joined the CBLCA in 2018 to become more engaged with fellow neighbours and residents, and make a meaningful contribution to the community. Amanda enjoys making use of the beautiful green space nearby, spending time near the water and looks forward to socializing with friends and neighbours once the pandemic is over.

Contact Amanda directly: Click here

Zone 2

Lakeview Park including Burnbrook Crescent

Al Arsenault

I live on Horner Drive and back onto Lakeview Park. I moved here in 1989 and have been maintaining the outdoor rink in Lakeview Park since that time. I was a career public servant as a professional land surveyor, having retired from the Canada-United States International Boundary Commission in 2011. I still do some international consulting work relating to demarcation and management of international borders. So why did I volunteer to serve on the CBLCA executive? I’d like to bring a sense of collaboration to the CBLCA when it comes to its dealings with the city. My preference is to work with the city in a supportive manner instead of working against the city.

Contact Al directly: Click here

Zone 3

Area bounded by Stillwater Drive, Carling Avenue, and Crystal Beach Drive, including Maki Park

Rick Nelson

I moved to Ottawa in 1971 and worked for Nortel for 30 years. After living in Bayshore, Munster Hamlet, and Barrhaven, I got tired of driving and moved to Crystal Beach in 1989. I have been involved with the community association off and on since the mid 2000s, mostly on infrastructure issues (remember “Ban the Bridge”?). I even managed to get “volunteered” to be president for a couple of years. I love this neighbourhood but think we have to continually be on our guard to keep it the way we like it. The city (and NCC) should be on our side to protect what we have but it seems they have to be constantly reminded of that. Where else could I live that is 30 minutes from a ski hill, a 10-minute walk from my sailing boat, and about the same time to immerse myself in Mother Nature!

Contact Rick directly: Click here

Zone 4

Area bounded by Corkstown Road, Crystal Beach Drive, and Cleadon Drive, including Creekwood Crescent and Brookbend Crescent

Merv Sullivan

I was born in Montreal and moved to Ottawa with my wife to finish my degree in engineering. My wife and I have lived on Cleadon Drive for more than 50 years. We have raised our three sons here and are now retired. My career has been primarily in the electronics industry with time at a division of Nortel on Moodie Drive. I later started a small high-tech company that operated for over 25 years. I also represented the local ward on Nepean City Council from 1994 to 2000. My belief that we have one of the best communities in the city led me to become the Zone 4 Rep to help keep it that way. My aim is to ensure that the city agenda is monitored and any resulting concerns raised with local and higher levels of governments. A flourishing community is one that is involved. The community association can encourage this with promotion of social, recreational, and health opportunities.

Contact Merv directly: Click here

Zone 5

Area bounded by Solva Drive, Crystal Beach Drive, Carling Avenue, and Ullswater Drive

Carrie Elliott

I moved to Crystal Beach in 2008 where we bought our first house. I work for the Federal Government. I joined the CBLCA in 2016 and have been the Zone 5 representative ever since. I believe in the importance of community associations and the strong neighbourhoods that they help foster. I look forward to continuing to contribute to the great work the CBLCA is doing.

Contact Carrie directly: Click here

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