May update from Monica

There is so much life on the streets, in the parks and on the trails around Crystal Beach and Lakeview as we all welcome the long-awaited spring. Cyclists, joggers and walkers, many pushing strollers or accompanied by dogs are everywhere. All this activity lifts our spirits, but also reminds us that safety comes first. Please be aware of that as we welcome this new season.

Further in this email you will see an update on safety issues we have asked the City to take a good look at, especially on Corkstown Road and Holly Acres. Many of you sent messages to Councillor Mark Taylor asking for quick action on sidewalks, lighting and speed – thank you for that. Don’t ever hold back from writing Mark with your concerns – he cares about our community and wants it to be a safe and welcoming place for all of us.

And speaking of Corkstown Road, read below to learn about an amazing community family day coming up in Corkstown Park. Put June 2 in your calendar for Wheel Day (the same day as the community garage sale)! But don’t wait till then to get involved – email Susie Crowe at to see how you can help make this the most fantastic day of the spring by becoming a volunteer.

On April 12 about 70 community members gathered in Maki House and another 25 or so followed a Live Facebook broadcast to learn more about the new bus transit system in our community. On Wednesday, May 16, we’ll be hosting a similar event, this one focused on LRT. Watch for more details over the coming weeks, but mark the date in your agenda right now: Wednesday, May 16, 7-9 at Maki or on Facebook.

And enjoy spring!

Monica Patten


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