May Fitness Tips

A bicycle is the smallest vehicle on the road. Cyclists are safest when they are visible, ride predictably, understand how traffic works and to communicate with other road users.

  • Be aware of your surroundings and anticipate infrastructure obstacles.
  • Obey the rules of the road – as if you were a car (legally you are the same)
  • Avoid wearing earphones or texting while cycling.
  • Use reflectors, front and rear lights and wear reflective clothing.
  • Position yourself correctly on the road to be part of the flow of traffic.
  • Communicate your intentions by signaling directional changes.
  • Shoulder check behind you before and after you signal a lane change or turn.
  • Stay away from possible opening doors from parked cars.
  • Avoid cycling in a driver’s blind spot whenever possible as they are unable to see you if they turn. If you are unable to see the driver’s eyes, they are unlikely to see you.
  • If you are nervous about cycling on the road, plan your cycling route along designated multi-use pathways, or practice riding with a more experienced cyclist until you are comfortable cycling by yourself.

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