May 2020 TTIC Update

Our Transportation, Transit and Infrastructure Committee (TTIC) continues to monitor developments that impact our community and engage with elected officials and City staff. Below you will find an update on the committee’s priority files.

First, though, we would like to thank Doug Wasson, who recently resigned as TTIC Chair, for his time and efforts heading up the committee this year. For the remainder of the year, CBLCA Vice President Krystal Taylor will act as interim chair.


We continue to work to ensure the designs of, and access to, the Bayshore and Moodie Stations work well for our community. Specifically, that:

  • we have safe pedestrian and cycling access to the stations and along Holly Acres Rd and Moodie Drive;
  • speed and traffic impacts on our community are mitigated; and
  • green space and the wildlife corridor is protected.

We anticipate receiving a revised design for Moodie Station in the coming weeks and we will share with the community.

You have likely noticed that construction has started for the light maintenance storage facility (LMSF) on Corkstown Road west of Moodie Drive. We are engaging with City staff and other stakeholders to learn more about the design and long-term plans for this facility.

Connections with Bells Corners

We continue to work with Bike Ottawa, Lynwood Community Association, and Westcliffe Estates Community Association to advocate for a multi-use path (MUP) along Moodie Drive from Carling Ave to Robertson Rd. We have received support from our MPP Jeremy Roberts, MP Anita Vandenbeld, and Councillor Theresa Kavanagh for our proposed plan. Construction along the Moodie Drive interchange is planned to start this year to modify the overpass to accommodate the LRT; so we want to ensure an MUP is included in those plans. We do not yet have confirmation.


Based on our neighbourhood outreach TTIC survey results shared last month, we are connecting with the City to request changes to bus stop locations from Carling Ave (at Holly Acres) to improve transit access on the east side of our community.

Lakeview ditches

We are engaging with Councillor Kavanagh and hope to offer a (virtual) community meeting with City staff on this topic soon.

3368 Carling Ave

We continue to monitor plans for the development of this property on the corner of Carling Ave and Bedale. We anticipate there may be a (virtual) public meeting to consult on a revised development plan; we will share the details as soon as possible.

You may recall that Cardel Homes backed away from this project last winter after neighbours, with support from CBLCA, objected to proposed zoning variances before the Committee of Adjustments. We also expressed concerns regarding the lack of community consultation by the developer.

Bayshore development

On March 10, members of the TTIC attended a community information meeting about the application for re-zoning to allow two 30 and 27-storey towers at 100 Bayshore Drive. The committee has concerns about decisions being made without consideration for other changes that are occurring or have occurred around Holly Acres Road.

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