March Fitness Tips

How to set wellness-based fitness goals

Spring is upon us, and for many of us, that includes a shift in our fitness goals for the season. Set goals that help you focus on the process of being active and allow you to enjoy the workout to the fullest.

Set a performance goal

If you love to hit progress milestones along the journey, this one is for you. Try picking one exercise you’d like to improve or accomplish. Break it down into smaller parts that you can work on each week. Mark your progress along the way.

Learn a new skill or exercise technique

Learning a new skill simply because you’re interested in it can help re-frame the way you think about movement—it can make your exercise time way more fun and joyful. Plus, noticing as you get better along the way can serve as inspiration to keep going.

Monitor your mood

Note your mood before, during, and after exercise using a scale of unpleasant, pleasant, or neutral. You can apply the strategy to hunger level, body image, and energy. “Unpleasant” can indicate that you may need to switch up your routine or workout type.

Embrace your recovery days

As much as we prioritize consistency, we should also embrace the days when we choose not to work out. High levels of stress, poor sleep, elevated anxiety, illness, and other factors can negatively affect our workouts. If you are used to feeling guilty for missing a workout, try re-framing it as a choice by asking, “Is there something I need more than this workout?” Choosing sleep, family time, or recovery can help you skip the guilt and make the days when you do hit the gym feel more energized, productive, and rewarding.

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