Maki House Updates

Safety procedures are being put in place to prepare Maki House for reopening. The CBLCA is working closely with City of Ottawa Parks and Rec to provide a safe community meeting space. To adhere to COVID-19 cleaning and screening procedures, we will aim to align with the City of Ottawa’s Parks and Rec reopening date of October 13th, 2020, provided that it is deemed safe to reopen at that time.

Maki House will be implementing a new keyless system using a badge reader. Each group leader will receive a badge to access Maki during their scheduled group hours. CBCLA would like to extend a big thank you to Elizabeth Gravelle, who has retired her Maki House key duties after 45 years. Elizabeth: your tireless work in our community has been greatly appreciated! Thank you for all you have done.

Going forward, groups will be responsible for taking attendance for contact tracing purposes, cleaning high touchpoints after use of Maki House, and adhering to physical distancing guidelines.

CBLCA will provide disinfectant wipes and cleaning supplies for groups to clean high touchpoints at Maki House (door handles, light switches, wheelchair access buttons, pens, chairs, etc.). The cost of cleaning supplies will be covered by the $5.00 activity fee per participant per session.

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