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Maki House Group Leaders needed

While many of our regular Maki House groups have resumed their meet ups on site this spring, a couple groups need volunteers to step up to keep meet ups going!

  • Friendship Club

Friendship Club is a community social meet up for older adults. The group meets Tuesday afternoons, and is looking for a volunteer or volunteers to organize and run the meetings for the coming fall.

  • Playgroup

Playgroup is a community group for preschool aged children to play and interact. Playgroup ran meet ups on Monday and Friday mornings pre-Covid, and the activity needs a volunteer or volunteers to organize and run play times.

  • New Maki House groups

Spring session is underway at Maki, and new groups at Maki are welcome for the Summer and Fall/Winter 2022 sessions. If you are interested in starting/organizing a new interest or activity group at Maki House, Click here for more info

If you are interested in a volunteer role to run a Maki House group, please contact Amanda at

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