LRT2 Update

The Stage 2 Light Rail Transit Report was released Friday, February 22nd with updated details.  A number of changes are planned for the conversion of bus rapid transit (BRT) to light rail transit (LRT) from Bayshore Station to Moodie Drive.

Please review the summarized details below and help inform our position and engagement with the City by completing this 2-minute survey about the proposal in this latest LRT2 report. Your feedback is important.

Proposed changes for Confederation Line between Bayshore Station and Moodie Drive:

  • Impact of LRT2 on roads on Holly Acres Road
    • Building of the LRT bridge over Holly Acres Road will NOT result in any long-term closures of Holly Acres Road.
    • A temporary 417 east bound on-ramp from Holly Acres Road opposite the current 417/416 exit ramp to be built.
  • Impact of LRT2 on Corkstown Road (eastbound lane closure)
    • Corkstown Road eastbound from Moodie Drive to Abbott Lab entrance will be closed permanently to through traffic.  There will be east bound access to the station.  Corkstown Road will be only one lane westbound from Abbott Lab entrance to the station.
    • We anticipate this proposed closure will impact our community. To inform our position on this change, please indicate your opinion and provide details for us to use in our dialogue with the City by completing this short survey [hyperlink to survey].
  • OC Transpo bus service changes: The existing Bus Rapid Transitway (BRT) from Pinecrest to Bayshore and on to Moodie Drive will be shut down during the construction of LRT2 (not sure what year at this time). Buses will temporarily go back to using the 417 as was done before the BRT opened.
  • Wildlife Corridor alongside Stillwater Creek at Corkstown Road: There will be a protected 30 meter buffer of land west of Stillwater Creek where no construction will take place to protect a corridor for wildlife movement along this greenbelt Natural Link Area
  • Extension of the sidewalk along Corkstown Road north side with lighting all the way to Moodie Drive
  • Storm water management: Remediation of the wetlands on the west side of Moodie Drive more upstream in the Stillwater Creek watershed is happening. The city has now signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the NCC to deepen wetlands on the west side of Moodie Drive adjacent to the DND site.
  • No wildlife passageway under Moodie Drive planned for small mammals and amphibians
  • Gold Level Parking at Abbott Labs: The City is no longer proceeding with a paid parking lot to be established on the Abbott Labs property

For more details, please refer to the detailed summary report drafted by the CBLCA Transportation, Transit and Infrastructure Committee (TTIC).

TTIC has been engaging with the City LRT2 team and our Councillors on expanding transit to our community for many years.  CBLCA will continue to be very active to get the best outcome based on what our community tells us you want.  Stay tuned for a community meeting, likely in the spring with hope to have the LRT2 team present, for a full presentation and discussion with the community.

If you haven’t yet clicked our survey link… please help inform our position and engagement with the City by answering this brief survey about the proposal in this latest LRT2 report.  Thank you!

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