LRT2 Update and Community Meeting

Please join us on Tuesday April 16th 7pm at the Nepean Sailing Club for a community meeting with the LRT2 Team. An overview of the latest plans for LRT2 from Bayshore to Moodie Stations and the LMSF will be presented. This is an opportunity to ask questions and continue to voice your ideas and comments.

Thank you to 152 of our community members that responded to our LRT2-Corkstown Road survey last month. You provided 384 comments for us to digest; the information has been very valuable. The purpose of the survey was to inform CBLCA position on the latest LRT2 design between Bayshore and Moodie Stations and the proposed closure of Corkstown Road.

The full survey results will be used by the CBLCA Transportation, Transit and Infrastructure Committee to inform our position as we continue to dialogue with the City to make the LRT from Bayshore to Moodie Stations to LMSF the best it can be for our community.  

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