LRT2 Update and Community Consultation

We need your help to ensure improvement to our LRT2 stations and connectivity!  

The City is seeking feedback on the current designs and connectivity to the LRT2 Western Stations. Both Bayshore and Moodie Stations are included here: Stage 2 LRT Station Connectivity Enhancement Study.

Once you have reviewed, you have until Friday, July 10, 2020 to submit questions and comments to

We need as many residents as possible to contribute so we can get the best outcome for our community before final decisions are made and construction continues this year. 

Over the past three years, CBLCA has been engaging with residents, City staff, elected officials and other stakeholders to ensure we have the best outcome for our community aligned with our Community Vision– protecting natural spaces, enhancing mobility, and improving connections to Bells Corners. 

Update from LRT2 Office 

Representatives from CBLCA participated in a LRT2 Western Station Connectivity information meeting with LRT2 staff on Thursday June 18.  

During this meeting, we were pleased to learn that a Multi-Use Path (MUP) is being considered on the west side of Moodie Drive from Corkstown Rd to the south side of the 417 interchange. This change is one that CBLCA has invested a lot of energy to ensure this happens.  However, this is not yet confirmed in the contract for LRT2.  

We have been anticipating to see new designs for the Moodie Station this June that consider two-way traffic on Corkstown Rd. However, this design is not yet available and the design of the station that closes eastbound Corkstown Rd was shown during this connectivity meeting (and we expect will be the version shown in the online consultation).

CBLCA will be following up with the LRT2 office for discussion about the new Moodie Station design, light maintenance storage facility, connections on Holly Acres Rd, and the Moodie Drive MUP among other topics.  

Summary of pedestrian and cycling infrastructure to connect to Moodie and Bayshore stations:

MoodieControlled pedestrian crossing and sidewalk from Corkstown Station entry Station plaza with 2 passenger pick up and drop offs Bike parking for 30 bikes MUP from station entrance to Moodie on north side of Corkstown Rd.  This will be lit at night. Sidewalk on west side of Moodie Bridge   Changing sidewalk on west side of Moodie Dr to a MUP.  This is something we need to continue to ensure happens as there is strong community support in CBL and Bells Corners Assess the feasibility of extending this MUP all the way to Bells Corners.    
BayshoreCurrent sidewalk from Holly Acres to Bayshore Station to be converted to a MUP from Holly Acres to Woodridge Cres. Controlled pedestrian crossing of Woodridge Cres to station entrance Station plaza with 3 passenger pick up and drop offs. Bike parking for 40 bikes Sidewalk south of mall, north of highway to access neighbourhood southeast on Richmond Rd Protected intersection at Holly Acres and transitwayChanging sidewalk on south side of mall to access neighbourhood southeast on Richmond Rd to a MUP  

Key Messages

Please consider using the key messages below in your responses in the community consultation to provide a strong unified voice.

Moodie Station Connectivity (Corkstown Rd and Moodie Dr impacts)

  • A multi-use path (MUP) on the west side of the Highway 417 overpass on Moodie Drive instead of a sidewalk and southbound cycling lanes is essential to improve safety and viability of active transportation in this corridor. It would provide the necessary separation between motor vehicles and vulnerable road users that is lacking today.
  • Continue the MUP south of the overpass into Bells Corners to connect Crystal Beach Lakeview to our commercial district, schools and other amenities.  It would also connect Bells Corners to the LRT station, and DND Carling Campus, without having to drive. 
  • Shift the at-grade cycling lane on the east side of the Moodie Drive overpass to run beside the barrier and/or shorten the motorist lane to access the westbound highway on-ramp, to decrease opportunity for conflict between vehicles and people on bikes.

Bayshore Station Connectivity (Holly Acres Rd impacts)

  • All changes need to consider changes to infrastructure and population density arising from other projects planned for and around Holly Acres Rd, such as the new Highway 417 onramp across from the 416 off ramp, the centre pillar in the middle of Holly Acres Rd to support the LRT bridge, and 100 Bayshore Drive.

For more information on the designs and CBLCA responses for each of these areas, reference the documents below:

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