Let’s get Trash-Ed(ucated)!

Researching for my last post on Eco-friendly Yard Clean Up Tips sparked an interest and paradigm shift in how I look at resources, including “waste”, around our home. Beyond now looking at my drying leaves as a commodity to be saved to help balance my compost, I now fully see all the “stuff” in our home and wonder if we really need and/or use it all. 

Like many of you, our household recycles, donates, and composts regularly – but  did you know that 58% of the waste that goes to landfill is wrongfully disposed of? And the blue bin has a 16% contamination rate, with the largest contaminant being film plastic, e.g. plastic bags. Even before finding this out, I knew we could be better. 

Here is what I found to up my climate action game right at home:

  1. Check out these waste reduction & education tips, challenges, buy/sell/trade/ donate groups, electronic & alternative recycling providers and more! Unfortunately there are no local car seat recycling programs, although check out this blog for other ideas. However, residents of Gatineau can bring their used car seats to their Ecocentre

Use our local CBL buy nothing/ free Facebook group. 

  1. A quick rinse is good enough (for blue bin items)! Make sure you know what is allowed in your green bin – it’s more than you think! Keep doing great with the black bin.

Much more info from our Ward Councillor here on Ottawa’s Waste Diversion program.

  1. Stay up to date on the changes soon to come from the City of Ottawa on the Solid Waste Master Plan. This will affect you directly at the curbside.

That’s it – well at a basic and small step level. Let’s continue to do our part of managing our resources, waste included. 

If you are concerned with the potential future of any of the above (and our planet), make sure to vote in our upcoming municipal elections (last day to vote Oct 24th). More environmental background info in my previous post here.

Join our community enviro subcommittee at our next meeting (Nov 3rd at 7pm) – email interest to cblcaenvironment@gmail.com or join us on Facebook at CBLCA Enviro Subcommittee.

Check out there other local green groups: For Our Kids Ottawa-Gatineau, Eco West Enders (share any other groups you follow or are a part of below in the comments)

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