Lakeview drainage ditch survey

40% of the households in Lakeview who responded to a survey on the state of drainage ditches. Here is what the survey showed:

  • 38% of respondents (34 households) said their drainage ditch overflowed onto their lawn or driveway at some point over the past three years.
  • 28% (25 households) said some part of their house experienced flooding as a result of overflowing ditches or stormwater run-off.
  • 8 households required sandbags for protection.
  • 67% (60 households) said they did not recall seeing a City of Ottawa crew remove snow or ice from ditches or clean out culverts anytime over the past three years.
  • On the importance of the City of Ottawa doing remedial work on the drainage ditches in Lakeview, 53% said “extremely important”; 15% “very important”; 16% “somewhat important”; 8% “not so important”; and 8% “not at all important.”

A great many of you also shared additional insights, concerns, and opinions that will inform potential future action by CBLCA.

The association’s Transportation, Transit, and Infrastructure Committee will now review the survey results and consider next steps and timing. We will keep you informed of any community meetings or outreach to the City in the months to come.

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