Lakeview Ditches

In the Spring of 2020, there was significant spring thaw and rain event that lead to many of the Ditches in Lakeview to overflow. The CBLCA began collecting information, held a community meeting and reached out to the City. The results of all that was that the City conducted a survey to ascertain the condition of the Lakeview ditch network. On May 16th 2022, the CBLCA met with our councillor, Theresa Kavanagh and City staff for an update on the survey of the Lakeview ditches. There are two phases to this report, this is the first one (a systematic review of the ditch system) and the second phase (yet to be completed) will be the recommendations to fix the drainage network.

The report is to large for our humble website to upload. By way of summary, the report covered two geographical areas, one being the area know as “City View” and the other our Lakeview neighbourhood. I have removed the section that covered City View and what amounted to a 24 page montage of manhole and sewer grate pictures (sorry to disappoint). The result is an Introduction section and Series of maps that show what was found in the survey. Note: the first map shows the entire Lakeview area, divided into rectangles, aka boxes. The number in the box tells you what page to find the map where that specific area is covered in detail. That is the page “X of 20” shown on the top right corner of ever map, not the PDF page number. The City has asked us to help them out, take a look at the map(s) and if you see an area that has been problematic and not discovered during the survey (marked on the map),let the City know. You can send that info to:

FYI – Back in March of 2020 I did a survey of my own, when the ditches still had water in them, I will also send this to the City for their review, here it is for your reference: Map and Legend / notes.

What happens next? – The consultant is in the process of writing the recommendations report for the City, following that there will be a Community consultation to go over the recommendations / options. What is most likely to occur is regrading of the ditch network.

2 thoughts on “Lakeview Ditches”

  1. I think it high time we bite the bullet and get hooked to the city drains. I had significant problems with water into my basement with the recent storm and power outage. I can guarantee lots of people share in similar grief.

    1. FYI: for that to happen Lakeview would have to have a community vote with 66% in favour. There would also be a significant cost to every home in Lakeview. This can be discussed with the City in the coming Community consultation (late summer).

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